• PDG Clinic

    Dentists Dr. Richard B. Kramer, Dr. David B. Kennedy, and Dr. Donald W. Sheiderman had a vision – a pediatric dental facility that would provide the highest quality care in a fun, kid-friendly atmosphere. Success was far from certain for this unproven venture, making flawless execution paramount. Needing a contractor capable of the specialized work required in a dental clinic, Pediatric Dental Group Inc. hired Fremar Construction.

  • Ergonomics, and Millwork

    We worked closely with Dr. Kramer and Dr. Kennedy during this unique project. The clinic was the first of its kind, extensive custom work was required. From creating a vibrantly coloured, one-of-a-kind interior that would make children feel at home, to the precise task of installing specialized dental equipment and millwork, every step had to be carefully planned and meticulously executed.

  • Long-Term Relationship

    PDG’s state-of-the-art facility was the premier clinic in Vancouver to cater specifically to children and remains the city’s leading pediatric dental clinic. Inspired by their success, PDG worked with Fremar to expand into Richmond, Delta, and Coquitlam. Because of their familiarity with the intricacies of dental clinics, Fremar continues to provide maintenance for all of PDG’s locations.


Guided by layout ideas and artwork provided by Dr. Kramer and his wife Carolyn, Fremar worked with artist Brent Beattie to create an intricate, vibrantly decorated interior that provided a fun and inviting environment for children.


Extensive technical installation work was required in the clinic.Custom brackets were designed to provide ceiling-mounted televisions above each chair. The chairs were also modified to include custom switches and controls for the specialized dental lighting systems.


Ergonomics are a top priority in dentistry, which involves an array of highly specialized tools and instruments that must be precisely placed to accommodate the preferences of individual dentists. Fremar worked intimately with PDG's dentists to ensure that at each chair, every instrument and fixture was installed correctly and precisely according to the tastes of the dentists who would be using them.

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